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Welcome to Wellness Connection's online store for pickup at the OKC Farmers Market. Come visit us there  every Saturday at 311 S. Klein (map below).

Shop for your order by Thursday and it will be ready for you on Saturday, from 9AM to 2PM.


After Saturday, we deliver local products to Green Acres in OKC, Dodson's in Norman, Paseo Farmers Market, Bill Kamp's Meat Market, Conscious Community Co-op in Edmond, and The Earth in Norman.  Various restaurants in the OKC metro order our free range eggs along with other products  like local meat and vegetables.

If you are a local food store or restaurant, call us for a wholesale list. 

For individuals or large events, on request we can deliver orders. Ask us.


Contact us at


or (405) 819-3996

About Wellness Connection

J.B. Pratt


J.B. has been in the grocery business for decades, first as an independent retailer, overseeing the small set of Oklahoma stores he took over from his father in the late 1970s.  Just after getting a medical degree, he took over the family business because he felt it was something he could do himself.  He opened a few large supermarkets, including one in OKC on I-240 and Walker.  He brought his medical training into the grocery business, promoting healthy eating in his stores in the 1990s and 2000s.

About 15 years ago, after closing the stores, he began selling locally-produced foods in the Oklahoma City metro at farmers markets.  In part because of his maintained interests in medicine and health, he likes to discuss supplements and natural and organic foods.

J.B. began using Wellness Connection as the name for his food-related business after closing Pratt Foods in 2004, hoping to provide resources, products, and consulting on dietary, grocery, and food matters.

His son John processes paperwork for Wellness Connection while also building up his own technology news website, http://dfork.news/.  An earlier website John that co-founded, Fundable (2005-2009), was the source of the word "crowdfunding" (via an offshoot someone made called Fundavlog).  He sold the Fundable domain name to the current owners in 2010, just before crowdfunding really took off.

The OKC Farmers Market is located in the Farmers District of downtown Oklahoma City.  It is open every Saturday from 9AM to 2PM.

OKC Farmers Market

311 S. Klein Oklahoma City, OK 73108


Every Saturday

9AM to 2PM